Friday, December 19, 2014

Flowers in December

Today I spend a bit of time at the Conservatory at St. Paul's Como Park. About two years ago at this time I was there for a taste-testing for my daughter's wedding reception. Last year at this time I was moving and overwhelmed with all the work for that right on top of the holidays.

The food is good there so I decided to go for lunch.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and was not disappointed.

Following lunch I went looking for the flowers.

The first room one enters in the Conservatory is the Fern Room. A sign there explains there are no flowers because ferns grow from spores not seeds.

A door from this room leads to the orchid room, not open to the public.

This interested me because recently I have been reading my way through the Nero Wolf mystery stories written by Rex Stout. Anyone familiar with these books knows that Wolf spends 9-11 AM and 4-6 PM with his orchids. Thus it was fun to see a place like this.

Next I went to the Sunken Garden, which is all decked out with poinsettias. But they were not all red.

Here are three varieties pictured with their names.

In real life this variety appeared to have a more yellow color than shown by this photo, but truly I've never seen poinsettias like this before.

The flower above has the traditional colors.

This one made me smile and I think turns out to be the favorite variety.

Peeking out from a bench were some paper white narcissus.

 To me these are a sign of spring, which is a difficult concept to put together with Christmas flowers.

Next I walked to the North Garden.

Here I found many beautiful orchids on display, such as shown below.

Above if a view of the pond in this room.

I spent some time in the gift shop too, but didn't part with any money. However, I did find some good puzzles I might use next summer when teaching English in Poland.

Probably next month some afternoon I'll go back and walk through the zoo. For today a nice lunch and lovely flowers were quite enough.

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