Saturday, April 25, 2015

Walking at Snail Lake

This morning I did the 5K walk at Snail Lake Regional Park. This park is called a regional park because it supported by not just  Ramsey County, but also by six other counties in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Those of us who live here use parks in all the areas, too, not just in our home county. Thus it is fairer if the parks such as this are supported on a regional basis. Obviously tax money from Ramsey County, in which I live, are used to support regional parks in other areas.

This walk was sponsored by Twin Cities Volkssports. I am still dealing with the muscle problem in my leg, but this morning I woke up with uncomfortable osteoarthritis pain in both knees. I made sure I had ibuprofen in my backpack.  And so while I did have some discomfort at least I had water and meds with me. I was grateful that this walk included many benches where I could take stop for a rest.

The drive from my apartment to the park was only 11 minutes. Snail Lake Regional Park is located in the St. Paul suburb, Shoreview. My book that I use to research names of places in Minnesota is silent about both Shoreview and Snail Lake. I am thinking Shoreview is called that because there are so many small lakes in this area and so many residences have a shore view. Just a guess. Perhaps Snail Lake is named for its shape.

The photo above a route map within the park shows the shape of the lake is somewhat like a snail.

The walk started from a picnic shelter.

From here the route map took us on a path downhill toward what is called the lower parking lot. Then we crossed under a busy street by walking through a tunnel.

Then it was a pleasant walk along a marsh area. This area was full of geese and ducks apparently trying to find their summer home.

Below is my favorite picture from the day.

The walk then moved to walking along the north side of Grass Lake.

In the middle of the picture is an antenna. This is one of the towers in what is called the Shoreview Antenna Farm. These towers are used by various radio and TV stations in the Twin Cities area. This part of the route was out and back.

Then the walk took the 5 K walkers just a bit out of the park through a residential area. Many of the houses in the area have been built in the last 10 years or so. The house pictured below took my eye.

This home owner is certainly serious about solar power.

Soon I was back to the tunnel and walked to a pavilion right along the shore of Snail Lake. I sat here and did some text messages on my phone and organized my books for stamping. The lake looked beautiful, but after using my phone and then organizing my book for stamping, I forgot to use the camera to take a photo of the swimming beach.

Then it was just a two minute walk back to the start/end place.
For the walk, stamps were put in my distance book, the event book, the Animal Safari book, and the Lakes and Reservoirs book. Then home to put my aching knees up for a rest.

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Shaz said...

Loved your 'walk' today. I lived in Shoreview in the 1960s when it wasn't so populated. My kids all learned to swim at Snail Lake. Sure was a great place to live. Even recall the controversy about putting in the antenna farm! We have lived all over the USA since, but still have good friends there.