Thursday, May 21, 2015

An Interesting Night around Siedlce

One of the Polish English teachers for whom I taught only two classes last year at her school invited me along with the volunteer who is teaching there this year to go to supper at a restaurant in Siedlce. This teacher has a friend and teacher colleague who is also a friend of another volunteer here this time, so it was 5 of us who gathered in Siedlce for supper.

We waited in this small park in front of the restaurant until all had arrived.

Then we started for the inside of the restaurant to ask for a table. I lingered to take the picture below showing the name of the restaurant. I had been hearing about the name this new place and was delighted to being going there.

 When I entered the restaurant I realized we had to go to the upper level and was faced with about 30 stairs. I assured everyone I could do this, but slowly. No, no, no! The manager was coming with the key to make the handicapped lift work, so I had the great pleasure of floating up the stairs on the lift instead of having to walk those stairs.

The restaurant is on the upper level of very old building which once upon a time was a major market building in Siedlce.  The decor was beautiful. And as the home decorator TV programs would say, "It has character" with much charming reclaimed brick.

This restaurant has is what we call in America a craft brew place. I started out with a small glass of very good beer. I could order this in Polish but then got stumped on a question. My Polish friends had to rescue me. The question was "Do you want light beer or dark beer?"  I often say I speak just enough Polish to get into trouble.

The menu was totally in Polish, too, so that presented an interesting challenge as well.  For example, under the seafood menu I found mule. My Polish friends could not translate that word nor could Google Translate, so I did not order it!

Our meal began with an appetizer.

  I am not certain what it was, but it was good.

Here's my main dish.

Again this was very good. The small white dish holds what we might call potato salad in the United States. And the photo show just a bit of my beer.

We had no room for dessert. So the waitress brought us instead a very small glass of cherry liquor. Oh my! That was good too.

As we left the restaurant to start the trip back to Reymontowka we noticed blue-black clouds in the distance. When we were about half-way there, one of my fellow volunteers remarked, "Is that hail?" Along the roadway in the grass we could see white patches. The signs of a storm became more intense as we turned off the highway. There was more and more hail collected along and in the roadway. Thousands of leaves had apparently been pounded off the trees and were covering the road.  The fields were steaming because the ground was warmer than the air above them. When we got to Kotun, there was intense fog.

We made the turn to Reymontowka and it looked as if nothing had happened. No remains of the hail or leaves on the roadway. But at breakfast, our fellow volunteers assured they too had experienced a bit of hail storm.

And so it was a highly pleasurable evening in Siedlce and very exciting ride back to Reymontowka.

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