Monday, May 18, 2015

Celebration Day 2

25 years of cooperative work between Global Volunteers and the County of Siedlce. That is what the sign says.

And what a wonderful celebration it turned out to be. I wanted to be here so badly for this because I have done 28 programs in Poland and have seen how the country has changed as well as how the teaching of English has changed in this country.

The program started with a number of speeches. This certainly, in my experience, is the European way. Distinguished guests must be recognized, but what pleased me was the several of those providing such recognitions included in the list the school teachers with which volunteers have worked, the parents who have driven volunteers to and from schools, the summer language camp staff, and the students themselves.

Some people are put off by speeches but I enjoyed them for the Polish host representatives expressed ideas that were both novel and heart-warming. One, for example, talked about this partnership being very unique. Others spoke about how the volunteers have brought optimism.

Then the fun began. Many students from a dance school in Siedlce entertained us with great dances.

Above is a video of one dance that carried hints of being a Cinderella story.

The boys below look like they are having great fun with their routine. The boy on the right began to come to language camp last year. I remember him from when he was a toddler and his big brother, who then was one of my students, introduced me to him. I had the great pleasure too of seeing the "big brother" dance in several routines that featured high school students.
And the girls above look like dance is fun, too.

The dance was followed by a musical group.
 The woman on the right has been a language camp director many times. It was great to see her. The young man on the left has come to language camps as a young boy. He was playing the keyboard when he barely able to peek over the top. When I was here last year in May I saw him on a musical competition TV show called Must be the Music. He is almost ready to go pro as a musician.

Next we were treated to a rock band, Runaway Train.

I have known the man in the center for some time and we chatted for a bit after their performance was done.

That really sums up the day. I saw so very many that I know in Poland. It was simply one of the best days of my life.

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