Thursday, July 23, 2015

From Minnesota to Amsterdam

My granddaughter and her boyfriend drove me to the airport. Getting there is a trick these days because there is construction on a bridge across the Mississippi River about 1 mile east of the airport. The lines to get across the bridge particularly get longer when it is rush hour. I got there in plenty of time and breezed through security easily because I'm TSA pre-checked. This is the first time I'm traveled with a cane. When I got to the personal security area, I was handed another cane to use for walking to use while my personal cane went through the x-ray line.

My tradition before a flight is to have a Caribou Chocolate Cooler. I found a Caribou right out of security with seating by it. Sat there and used the charging station for my phone and Kindle while I enjoyed the cooler. While reading the MPR news on my phone I ironically read a story that theft of phones and tablets has increased 300% at the airport.

I decided to make the walk to the gate for my flight and didn't get many steps towards there before a cart driver stopped and asked if I would like a ride. Oh yes!

The flight was OK, except for a very cold cabin. I wrapped up in the blanket provided by Delta, but was uncomfortably cold most of the flight. And it was somewhat empty. I noticed on a monitor before boarding that 79 seats were available. I was on the aisle in the configuration of 4 seats and the two seats in the middle were empty. But before I could take advantage at all of that extra space the man on the opposite side in the aisle seat took advantage of his seat plus the two empty seats to have stretch out and have a very good sleep.

The Amsterdam airport is under renovation and this time the walk between Passport control and baggage was much shorter. That is a good change. But the place for Delta is still a long walk once one hits the baggage area. On the other hand, the exit from this area is right by my favorite cafe in Schiphol Plaza and very close to the place to leave for the hotel, Citizen M.

I started to stay at this hotel in 2012. At that time one had a wonky remote control to run things in the room. When I came in May I found this replaced by an Ipad. One uses this to run the TV, set up movies, manage the blinds on the windows, turn the lights on and off, and set the temperature of the room. Both the Ipad and the TV monitor welcome one.

I took a short nap and then decided it was time for supper. Because I have a lot of walking to do through airports for the next flight connections, I decided to check out what Citizen M might have for an evening meal. One of the staff quickly came to my rescue explaining the dishes and then carrying my choice to a table.

He told me Moroccan Chicken was one of his favorite dishes and that it was only slightly spicy. I added Fried Noodles to the plate as well.

Both were really good. I was in the mood too for something sweet and noticed there was a cake plate. That led to a serving of carrot cake.

This was good too. I'm writing this at blog post at 2:30 in the morning Central Europe time. Soon it will be time to go downstairs and have a raisin bun, another favorite I have at this place.

This trip is off to a good start, now that I can wrap up in a comfortable duvet and not be cold when trying to sleep.

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