Saturday, July 4, 2009

Continuing Adventures

Here is a picture of our team for the first langauge camp in Zakopane. Three of them left this morning so beginning on Monday we four remaining will have larger classes. We received bad news, too. A second camp is beginning today in a village near Zakopane and a family of 5 from the US cancelled out because one became so ill that she is hospitalized in London. I'll start working, too, with the second language camp and will cancel all my personal travels between July 11-17.

The prize medal comes from the trivia contest the students did for the volunteers. I answered the tie-breaker question -- who is the premier of Poland? I knew it was Donald Tusk. The medal is an example of the art work Polish kids do all the time. It's too bad we somehow give American kids messages that they cannot draw!

Adventures elsewhere-- All my property in St. Paul sold within four days. With the recent housing market - who could believe this would happen? Papers are coming that need to be notarized. This is a foreign process, something not ever needed in Poland. I had it worked out, possibly, to do this with the consulate office in Poznan. So I said the "cost" of doing the extra language camp is that someone will have to help me get this done somehow elsewhere!

If the Zakopane weather cooperates, I'm going up the mountain today-- on the lift! I'm the only volunteer in Zakopane today, others leaving for the US or visiting in Krakow. It's nice that Dorota is so confident about my ability to manage alone in Poland that I can run around alone without anyone worrying about me!

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