Friday, July 24, 2009

Week's End

The first week of teaching at this summer camp has come to an end. Last evening the students presented a Polish Night to acquaint volunteers with Polish history and culture. Then the Polish staff for this camp hosted us to a wine party after the campers' presentation. We returned to the tent to dance with the students until their "disco" ended. Soon I'll be able to dance YMCA in my sleep.

Hard to keep up on the blog when we are staying the most evenings and nights at a location about 25 minutes away that doesn't include WI-FI or other ways to access the Internet.

Hope to take some photos there later on today and will try for a more interesting posting on Monday.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Warsaw, will stay there overnight and return from there on the same train as those volunteers coming back from a weekend in Krakow.

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