Saturday, October 3, 2009

Academic Adventure

Yesterday was the culmination of an academic adventure. Last spring at the faculty council there was a call for someone to serve as a faculty representative on the committee plan the inauguaration events for our new university president.I volunteered for it sounded interesting and would be a good thing to put on my list of "university service." We started in late April developing the themes and for the first time, figuring out how to incorporate the use of web sites with the events (First time because the Internet wasn't mature when last president was inauguarated).

To make a long story short everthing went off very well. The ceremony opened with Native American drumming. This culminated with the introduction of a dancing stick which the new president had commissioned. It was made by a Native American artist from Wisconsin and will serve in the role of "mace" in the future. Up to this point, the University had objected to the president having a mace, saying such an object was militaristic and weapon, not a symbol of education. Incorporated also was gospel singing. Nothing staid at our University!

The day continued with a reception and then later a dinner.

All went very much as was plannned except none of us had planned for a day of rain. A great day!

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