Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watching the Sun Go Down

Last evening I had to attend a long meeting at my University which began at 6:00 PM. The room for the meeting was in our library. The architect for the building did a wonderful job of situating the building's windows for beautiful views. When we arrived, however, the shades were drawn for the windows were to the west and the late afternoon sun was beating into the room, making it hard to see the screen for the projected computer images. However, as the meeting progressed the sun moved and also lowered in the sky, and I could see through the shades that we were missing a beautiful view. I raised the shades so we could enjoy the views towards the city skyline and the State Capitol building.

Came  home about 10 PM and couldn't believe how much urgent e-mail had arrived after my last look at it around 5 PM. After a busy evening I couldn't sleep and was grateful to have a Sophie Kinsella book on my Kindle. It was well after 1:00 AM before I went to sleep, and this morning I was up to see the sunrise! Short night!

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