Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Good Plan

that turned out differently! There is a boy in my Polish class, perhaps 9 years old. Last week I took a book I had purchased in Poland and gave it to him. It is a book of fairy tales written in both English and Polish, and actually designed to help Polish kids learn English. I've had it on my shelf for several years and never did much with it, so thought moving it out of the apartment would be a good idea. I explained to the boy that it was a book to help kids learn English, but that he could learn a lot of Polish with it, too.

This week I passed over a heart sign that said Poland that I brought home from Polish night event.

This all is part of the effort to keep the number of things in my small apartment down. 

He reached into his bag and gave me this.

What a nice surprise! And yes! jam will disappear.

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