Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Not Summer Anymore

I woke up yesterday morning in Des Moines with rain showers. I had expected that, but also that the rain would move out by mid-day. However, the forecast no longer included that. I went out for breakfast and quickly decided even a 5K was not an option. It wouldn't be any kind of fun in rain with strong northwest winds. So I drove home, arriving back around 3 PM.

Jackknifed bus
Woke up this morning quite surprised to see snow out the window. This snow, coming at rush hour, caused all kinds of difficulty. The picture at the left comes from the Minnesota Public Radio web site showing a bus jackknifed near the State Capitol area. Days like this make semi-retirement quite lovely. I have no where to go until Polish class this evening. Plan to take off early because I expect the driving to be slow this evening, too.

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