Monday, March 11, 2013

First Teaching Day

The first teaching day has been completed. In the morning I had 5 girls who are 5th graders. Most are eleven years old. This means they have studied English about 2-3 years in their school curriculum. We spent most of the time playing multiplication bingo. This gave them a great deal of practice saying numbers from 1-144 in English. We ended up with Hokey-Pokey and Simon Says.

Back to the hotel for lunch. We were treated with a wonderful meatball soup. This was followed by a cold chicken salad. This has small pieces of chicken and lots of green beans and corn. I would never have thought of this combination, but it truly was very good.

In the afternoon I had 6 students who are 4th graders. This means they have studied English about one year in their school curriculum. They remembered me from May 2012, for the first question was : "Bingo?" With this group I worked on the pronunciation of the English alphabet. These students may say A, but really mean E. Likewise they may see E and really mean I. They do have good vocabulary, and it's 21st century vocabulary.  I was using some alphabet cards that had a letter and a picture; for example, the card for D shows a duck. I asked them to give me another word that began with each letter. I really enjoyed that F is for Facebook.

Back to the hotel for a nap for I had not fallen asleep until 3 AM. I was really tired.

We had a very nice dinner comparing notes about our day, with 3 us teaching English, and 3 volunteers working at the Children's Hospital. With today's phones, we really can compare notes. One volunteer brought back video of herself rocking a child and while the video was being recorded, slipping out of the chair. The look on her face is indeed priceless.

So a very good day. Just hope to actually sleep tonight!

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