Sunday, March 10, 2013

From A to B

Yesterday morning I left Amsterdam on a 7:10 AM flight. It was a cool, rainy morning.

My first flight took me to Paris. Then it was a long, long trek to the terminal and gate for my flight to Bucharest. However, we arrived in Paris a few minutes past 8 and I didn't need to be at the gate for the next flight until 9:55, so it was a long, but not stressful trek.

 Upon arriving in Bucharest I wondered if I had managed to somehow take the wrong flight. Nothing looked familiar. Then I began to realize we had come to a new terminal. We had to make a long trek to the old terminal for passport control and baggage.

Soon, however, I found the country manager and the other team members; I was the last arrival.

 We loaded up luggage and then began the drive to Barlad.

After about two hours we stopped in Bazau and had supper at McDonald's.

Bazau is a fairly large city with many interesting buildings. Below is a church I noticed near the McDonald's.
 As we continued north we went through an area of vineyards, now dormant in March. We also began to see snowbanks in areas sheltered somewhat from the early spring sun.

It was dark when we arrived in Barlad. We quickly checked into Hotel Moldova, and about the first question was "What's the password for the wireless?" I learned at breakfast this morning that some had already done Skype conversations back to the states. I was SMS to a friend in Poland via Skype.

Here's my room. Soon the bed with the suitcase will also be covered with teaching materials. We are off to a good start.

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