Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow, Beautiful Snow?

Yesterday a friend said on Facebook, "I'm so done with winter." That's really how we feel in March. And then the insult this week of a double snowstorm. The first one started early Monday morning to make rush hour a mess. I had a 9 AM meeting and the driving was not pleasant. it By late afternoon when it was time to go to Polish class, the snow had stopped and the major streets were in "good winter driving condition."
I got to the neighborhood early and stopped at the near Nicollet Island Inn to make a reservation for Easter Brunch. Walking out I noticed a lower level outdoor cafe, not quite yet ready for sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee.
The snow began again about midnight.

I looked out my window and saw this unusual sight.

The above is not a Photoshop trick. The shadow really did look golden brown.

I awoke on Tuesday morning to a lot more snow. I had an appointment to get my nails done so chugged out of the garage through the snow.  By the time I got to the more main streets, the driving was good. Glad I worn boots instead of shoes (and only a week ago I was dreaming about wearing sandals to this appointment!) for most of the sidewalks were not yet shoveled.

The snow was wet and there was not much wind, so the world was very decorated.
I had a class last evening. By the time I left for that the sun was shining. Most everyone showed up for class, but I heard from one student who wrote an e-mail saying, "I spent 3 hours in the ditch this morning waiting for the tow truck. I'm not coming to class and will take any penalty that causes." Well, no penalty if she somehow takes an opportunity to make things up. I say at the first class that if students act like adults, I'll treat them like adults. It is simply the total lack of communication or explanation that drives me crazy. Our student population is not 18 year olds living in a dorm. Part of being a professor in a university like this is working with students while they blend "life with learning."

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