Thursday, August 15, 2013

Polish Night

One of my favorite things at language camp is Polish Night. That was last night, and the campers put on a great event.

It opened with the campers performing the Polish National Dance, the Polannaise.

 They finished this by gathering on the steps and then sang Kocham Cie Polsko ( Hope I got the Polish right!) This is one of my favorite songs.

We volunteers were welcomed then with the bread and salt ceremony.

Then the campers described the geography of Poland.

They went on to share information about important national symbols such as the Polish flag.

The next topic were important Polish figures such as Maria Curie and Copernicus.

Finally we were invited to share in eating Polish pickles and smalec.

We then danced with the campers for awhile. After we were exhausted, we joined the Polish camp staff in the dining room for refreshments and great conversation.

You too could have such fun! Check out  for more information.

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