Thursday, August 1, 2013

Q needs a U

We are busy enough at Reymontowka that I do not find the time to write everyday.

At 8:30 we gather for breakfast and have a short morning meeting following breakfast. Then we are involved in teaching 4 sessions of English, sometimes doing 4 classes with our students, and other times supervising our students while other volunteers make a presentation about their home state and family.

Here's what I did for a couple of my classes. When playing hangman with students I learned it was not intuitive for them to go for U as the second letter in a word if the first letter was Q. One night last winter I thought up the song Q Needs a U to be sung to the tune of Row, Row Your Boat. It goes:

Q needs a U, Q needs a U, if you want to write a word with Q, you must have a U.

I made flashcards with words such as quiet, quick, quality, and queen and had the students match those words to the comparable Polish word.

Often American English alphabet flashcards have Q is for quilt. This doesn't make much sense to Polish kids because there isn't a quilting tradition here.

So since I had seven girls I decided we would make a paper quilt. I sought some help with translating, asking to have it explained that what women put into quilts is often of personal meaning, that the students should make their quilt to show important things to them.

Here's three examples:

Readers can see my students are 8 years old going on 15!

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