Monday, July 29, 2013

Fridays are Good!

On Friday I taught three classes for my camper/students. Then for the fourth hour I did a presentation about Disney World. All volunteers do a presentation usually about their state and since this is my 17th language camp I've talked about Minnesota a great deal. I wanted to do something else.

Then we all went to the Kotun train station and took the train to Warsaw East. Three of the volunteers stayed on the train for a couple more stops since they were spending the weekend in Warsaw. I helped six of them find the right platform for their train to Krakow. Then I hopped onto a train to Lodz (if written with a Polish keyboard readers may better understand why it's pronounced Woodge). Last year I went there and you can read about my visit there by clicking here.

I wanted to go back just to relax mostly, so sometime ago I reserved a room at Andel's Hotel. In the middle of last week I received an e-mail saying the swimming pool would be closed. I replied, "No problem." When I arrived at the hotel, they verified I had received the e-mail about the swimming pool and again I replied that it was not a problem. Well, much to my surprise, the next statement was, "Due to that you are being upgraded to a junior suite."

I wondered what I would find when I opened the door. Here's one view.
And another view.

The suite was almost larger than my apartment in Saint Paul. What a lovely surprise.

Reymontowka had given us bag lunch/supper to eat on the train, and so all I really wanted was an ice cream. So I headed out of the hotel.

The first thing I saw was the carousel. It is so pretty.

I couldn't find the ice cream shop that I had enjoyed last year, so I headed into the shopping mall. Didn't find ice cream there either, but did find other good things. And what was most amazing is that I hit a really good Wi-Fi from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and so I spent some time texting to my younger daughter and also to a friend. Who would have thought about KFC having Wi-Fi!

Walked back and crashed into my lovely bed. I was tired after a busy week.

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