Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Teaching in Zakopane -- Day 3

Our day switched around. There is a new law or regulations in Poland, or perhaps the entire EU, affecting bus driver schedules. The bus driver may not drive for 24 hours twice during our two week time. So this morning we all went into Zakopane for awhile. We went to the Tatra Museum and our students were in charge of explaining things to us. Well, I think it was "six -- one half dozen the other."  They may know Polish, but they don't necessarily know about old things. We did have a good time looking at the exhibits, with their explaining to me in English what the signs said or asking me the English words for objects in the museum.

When we were done with tour I went to Rossman (think CVS or Walgreens, if you are a U.S. reader) and got some supplies for doing a manicure. I also got one of the good ice cream cones one can only get in Zakopane -- it's special ice cream, one can easily get ice cream everywhere in Poland, but not this special kind.

We returned about 12:00 and then had obiad at 1:00. In the afternoon we had 4 lessons, but my group was one that used their fourth period to put up July 4th decorations. During our lessons the thunder began to boom and there was one lightening strike in the distance, and the temperature cooled considerably.

By 6 PM the sun was shining again. The students went to a nearby school to play basketball and volleyball--a place they could go without using the bus

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