Friday, July 26, 2013

Poland Videos

This blog entry will include some videos I've taken during my 2013 stay in Poland. I'm finally at a place with a strong enough Wi-FI signal to make this work within my blog. These will be in quite random order with an explanation for each. And I am sorry that the audio on most of them is not very good.

The first is of a street musician in Gdansk. This will be one of my enduring memories of Gdansk. When walking outside it seems as if one always hears music, and very good music.

The next two are from shopping malls. I think many people, particularly in the United States, do not perceive Poland as a modern and colorful country. So here's a view of couple water features in shopping malls.

The fountain pictured above is in the Galeria in Krakow, a shopping mall between the train station and the Old Town. The chairs are for a restaurant on the first floor. This is one of my favorite places to get a sandwich or a beverage. I enjoy stopping in this shopping mall to see what might be happening. For example, one time there was a huge display of old European cars --from the 1910s to the 1940s. They were so much fun to see.

The video above is from the Madison Shopping Gallery in Gdansk. I found this almost by mistake. I had walked to the Freedom Exhibition but then somehow got on other streets when walking back to the Main Town area. Luckily I had read about Madison in a brochure in the hotel so knew what I had found. Later I began to understand that this sculpture may be in remembrance of a large mill that used to be in this area.

Here is a video of kids having fun at the Four Quarters Fountain in Gdansk.

We have a busy schedule here at Reymontowka, teaching all morning, then trying to find a few moments to plan for the next day, and then interacting again with the students in their evening program. Last night we had great fun with Karaoke.

I'm off to Lodz for the weekend and not taking the computer, so the blog will be silent for a couple of days.

Hope you all enjoy these videos.

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