Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th Adventure in Poland

I have spent every July 4 in Poland since 2006, so for me my tradition is almost participating in a program at language camp in which we explain July 4. Today was no different.

On July 3 my class helped to decorate the cook-out area for July 4 and on the July 4th morning, even with the damp overnight weather, most things were still in place. Only a couple had to be re-taped.

We each taught two lessons. For my first lesson I had students look at a PowerPoint presentation I had created that had pictures of food I had found around Poland as well in the Amsterdam and ask them to give me the English word -- for example I had a picture of a bag of sunflower seeds.

The students had never thought what these might be called in English. One said, "I think it may have something to do with sun." Yes, indeed, a good start.

For my second lesson we played Summer Fun Jingo. I had picked up this game and also Scrabble and gave them their choice. The students chose Jingo. The two hardest new words in this game were air-conditioning and Indianapolis 500.

Then for the next two lessons we gathered all together for July 4 program. We began with singing "This Land is Your Land," both the American version and then three verses with Polish places inserted into the melody. This was followed by presentations about July 4th as well a very cute skit presented by one group to illustrate the Boston Tea Party. We especially enjoyed the boys who got into protesting loudly, "Taxation without representation!" We also learned about Polish Independence Day customs.

I was chosen to moderate the program, so I gave my camera to one of my students. She did the best she could to take photos from her chair on the side of the room

In the afternoon one of the other volunteers and I walked down to the village center to have coffee. We met some Americans at the coffee shop, originally from Fort Worth, now living in Hawaii, who were visiting friends who lived in Krakow. The gentleman told me he feels kinship with Saint Paul, because where he comes from everyone thinks there is only place: Dallas. It's just like everyone thinks Minneapolis is the whole deal, when in fact Saint Paul and Minneapolis are indeed two different places with cultural variations.

In the evening we played some relay races.

Spoon Race using Ping-Pong Balls rather then Eggs
 The evening ended a bonfire so the students could make S'Mores.

One of the volunteers said it was the most fun she had for the 4th of July in years.

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