Monday, September 9, 2013

Betty's Pies

Betty's Pies is one of the iconic places along the North Shore (of Lake Superior). Often people from out of state who have vacationed in Minnesota will say, "Do you know about Betty's Pies?" I'm in Two Harbors, MN as I write and went out to Betty's Pies for supper tonight.

Here's the exterior of the restaurant at sunset, but on a cloudy, foggy night. When I see the basalt, such as is shown in front of the building, I know I've made it to the North Shore.

Inside it has a "diner" appearance.

Here's the pie menu.

For supper I had a Reuben sandwich.

I got to wondering why this is called a Reuben Sandwich. Wikipedia says it is named for Reuben Kulakofsky, a Lithuanian-born grocer in Omaha, NE, but the same article also provides other explanations for the name. This Reuben had lots of corned beef and a bit of sauerkraut. Sometimes Reuben sandwiches come with Thousand Island dressing, but this one didn't.

Now it's a Pie Shop, so where's the pie? I was full after the sandwich so asked for a piece of pie to take home with me and eat a couple hours later.

 I chose the orange-chocolate creme pie. I like that combination and have never had it before in a pie. This piece of pie surprised me because the filling is placed in a meringue shell, not a pastry crust. The night light challenged me in getting a good picture. I'm offering this only for readers in other countries who may wonder how American pie looks.

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