Sunday, September 15, 2013

Walking in Fergus Falls

This morning I left home around 9 AM for Fergus Falls to do some walks. It was hard to pack because the weather had changed so much. Instead of 90 degrees, the temperature was around 60 (16C). What do I wear in this weather?

I stopped at Alexandria for lunch around 12:00. About 10 miles out of Fergus Falls I stopped for a couple of minutes at a rest stop. I though the countryside so beautiful in that area that I just had to try to take a picture.

 I arrived in Fergus Falls shortly thereafter. I've been to this city many times during the time I worked for the Minnesota Department of Health. It serves as a  regional center for state government, but my previous trips were primarily to the district office or to a hotel conference center for presenting a workshop and then a fast trip back to the Twin Cities.

Fergus Falls is the county seat of Otter Tail County. Today I learned that the name Otter Tail came from the American Indians -- primarily Chippewa in this area -- who thought an island in the river looked liked an otter.

Fergus Falls, itself, was named by a Scottish trapper, Joe Whitford. He named the falls in the river after his employer, Fergus. Whitford was killed during the U.S. -Dakota war. His vacant land claim was purchased by George B. Wright, and that's how Fergus Falls really got started. Many dams were built on the river here to power mills for flour, wool, and lumber.

The walk went through a light industrial area and then the route turned to Veteran's Memorial Park and the River Trail.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon it was very quiet in the park -- just me and birds.

It was pleasant walking along the river. Then the route turned towards the business district.

I walked along the shops, all buttoned up and quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Finally I got to Broadway Street and turned right to Summit. On Summit I faced a long hill -- down. And predictably what does down must go up.

In a bit I turned back towards the business district and walk down to the City Hall.

Then it was back to the River Trail.

The route directed me to follow it the end and then go up steps to the George B. Wright Park.

Then back on the trail in the other direction to the dam.

Yes, there is a fence between the camera and the video. The power of the river was so overwhelming I didn't even want to try to get the camera lens between one of the holes in the fence.

After this it was just a short walk back to the car. A nice walk.

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Lois B said...

Looks like a beautiful, but very long walk! Have you ever used nordic walking sticks? I love mine on long walks, especially for hills.