Sunday, March 9, 2014

Walking St. Paul Skyways

I've been wanting to get back to walking, but the polar vortex winter plus no January thaw doesn't make walking outside very possible. Some of the Volksmarches through parks are technically open, but I surely don't think the cities have gone into the parks and plowed all the trails. So thus far, only indoor walking is possible.

Yesterday the temperature was 25 (-4 C) and it was great to get out and walk down to the Y in Galtier Plaza, now renamed Cray Center, but to most locals it will always be Galtier. The Twin Cities Volksmarch Club was there for the skyway walk.

This one was arranged differently than I've ever seen. Instead of one marked trail, there were four. First I took the 2K to Union Depot.

The depot was closed for many years, and then during the last three years renovated to become a transportation hub again. The renovation took it back to its former glory with just a few 21st century touches such as digital displays to provide information about buses and trains. The light rail will go here, too, when it opens in June and that will probably be how I get there most of the time. Besides being a transportation hub, it is being used as an entertainment center. Every once in awhile there is a game night, and one can go play board games or table tennis, for example. On some weekend nights films are shown. Oh, I'm waiting for the Light Rail! It can't start soon enough.

The second time around I did another 2K to the Town Square area. Like most Midwest cities the business area is quiet on the weekends. I remember walking in Des Moines and I couldn't find a cup of coffee. Couldn't do it during this walk, either.

Took an escalator down too far and ended up on floor 1 instead of floor 2. Good find. This area is quietly decorated with beautiful orchids.

The third time around I did a 1K so that my total would be 5, and I could keep adding in my distance book by 5 and 10. I'm now at 840 K and would like to make 1000K by the end of the walking season.

Then I grabbed my coat and headed outside, walking back home.

Found a couple of guys engaged in loading snow and trucking it out of the business area. There is so much snow. We missed the "January thaw" and the whole winter accumulation, which was more than usual, is just sitting there.

Stopped at the Keys restaurant near my building and had what in Poland would be "second breakfast." The omelet was so big I brought half of it home!

While there I looked at Facebook on my phone and found the building management was having a Happy Hour for residents. So a few minutes after 6 PM I went down to the Club Room and had wine and cheese and great fun meeting other people.

A fine Saturday.

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