Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's in the Luggage?

My next adventure is a journey to Bolivia to see first-hand about the work of Mano a Mano, an organization for which I volunteer with here in Minnesota. The blog will be quiet for awhile because I'm not carrying along my computer. What am I taking that is filling my luggage:

Can you guess what this? In the pocket of the suitcase I've put the pliers and some other instrument that goes with this. Though putting that package in carry on luggage might make me popular with security personnel!

Have you guessed? If you said, peanut grinder then  you are correct.

Presently part of Bolivia, primarily the Beni province, is still impacted by the Amazonian monsoon floods that have left people stranded and without food. Mano a Mano is one of the organizations that is dropping food packets via airplanes to stranded people. The health providers in Beni suddenly asked for peanut butter as one of the foods to be dropped. Mano a Mano had one peanut grinder in place, and soon will have two.

When I return I'll do a lot of blogging about my journey to and within Bolivia.

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