Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Walking Lake Nokomis -- Again

Today, after our very difficult winter, we were promised a day with 70 degrees. That seemed like a day one should get outdoors, not sit in front of the computer. I had been wanting to get back to doing the Volksmarches, but many don't open until May 1 and I thought others might have plenty of snow on the trails or streets.

I picked out Lake Nokomis because I had done it before and wouldn't have to think too hard about the route. I also wanted to do this one because I'm starting a new book related to walking around 20 lakes or reservoirs. When this special program started I thought this would be a good one for it should be easy to do this in the Minnesota area.

I got to the start of the walk about 9:30. Since it was a Caribou Coffee Shop, I of course had a cup of coffee while I did the necessary paperwork. Then I was off.

Minnehaha Creek had more water than when I saw it last fall. The picture below shows there is no green yet in Minnesota.

And when I got to the lakeside, there is still ice.

I characterize this ice as too thin to walk on and too thick for a boat. Then I saw someone walking on the ice.

Actually there were two men out on the ice and they kept walking back and forth, back and forth. I wondered if they were doing some type of study, for it seemed when I got further down the trail I found two people along the shore that appeared to be connected to the walkers as well.

I found many others out on the trail, some walking, some walking dogs, and some running. And the preschoolers were out too.

This walk crossed Cedar Avenue and then the trail goes around a lagoon. But I found ducks in the grass. They were having a great time in a puddle left by melting snow.
 The ducks are a common breed, mallards. The males are colorful, the females are speckled brown. They were a great time feeding; there must have been something special in that old grass.

When I got around to the south side of the lake I was the Minneapolis skyline and it seemed like the buildings blended right into the early spring color scheme.

Then I found a good reason to have until today to try to walk.

Near the end of the walk I had to grab my camera quickly. Quite a sight-- a man on a reclining bicycle pulling a boat.

Glad to be back outdoors.

After this it was mundane -- got gas, got groceries, and doubled back to my nail shop to pick up a watch I left there after a manicure.

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