Friday, April 4, 2014

Morning Views on April 4

I read in bed until nearly 2 AM so didn't wake up until around 9 AM. That's one joy of being retired. If insomnia hits, it's not a problem!

Woke to find this view on my balcony:
This was not a surprise. It had started to snow at 7 PM last evening. In fact, I had several phone calls from friends who were driving back from Florida about the storm development.

However, about 10:30 AM, while I was still drinking my morning coffee, all the fire alarms began going off in my corridor. I called the emergency number for the building and they told this was not a test, so went down the stairs to the foyer for the 11th Street side of the building just in time to meet the firemen coming in.

The fire fighters checked the building out and this all was apparently a malfunction of some sort. Anyway, the alarms are so loud I surely wouldn't sleep through them if this happened at night. And then during the morning the alarms went off twice more.

Well, now at 11 AM the sun is breaking through the clouds and this snow should soon disappear! We need a little spring here in the upper Midwest.

Update: When I went down to the mail room this afternoon there was a technician there working on the alarm system. The firetrucks did not come for the next two times that the alarms went off.

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