Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Walking on Summit Avenue

Anxiously waiting for more interesting walks to open, I decided on Friday to do the walk along Summit Avenue. Click here to learn more about Summit Avenue in Saint Paul. It is a famed historic street.

The walk began from a Super America gas station on Grand Avenue. In the 19th century Grand Avenue was the shopping street, with the grocers, hardware stores, dress shops, whatever -- for those who owned the grand mansion on Summit Avenue didn't want shops next door, but one block over was an easy location to send a servant on an errand.

The walk turned left from Grand Avenue to Summit. About the first thing I noticed was one of the Little Free Libraries. Click here to learn more about Little Free Libraries.

I have driven by the lady many times.

She is a tree sculpture and wears interesting clothing most of the year. Right now, a purple shawl is her chosen wardrobe.

Here are some of the houses along Summit.

 When I saw it I admired the white brick work in the porch railing. This probably took an afternoon once upon a time to create and is still now enjoyed 100 years later.

This house was built originally by two brothers. If you look carefully you will see the arches on the left hand side of the photo that are a mirror image to those easily seen on the right hand side. Once I was inside this house for a wedding rehearsal dinner. I have no idea if the right hand side of the house is still used for catering.

 And I chose to take a photo of this house just to add a bit of variety.

If you have read the article about Summit Avenue you will have learned there are many houses of worship along this street. Above is the Greek Orthodox Church. The dome is very low so it was hard to get a good photo of it.

Even though I have driven along this street many, many times, I had never before noticed this lovely fence.

And one must walk to see the sidewalk poems. These are done when it is necessary to repair the sidewalk -- good sidewalks are not destroyed to add poems.

And turning back on Grand to return to the start point, I noticed the palm tree on the top of this building. I truly had never seen this before. It made me think of the one in the middle of the street in Warsaw! Both are improbable in northern climates!

I walked another 5 K of this walk later in the day, but didn't have the camera along for any photos. Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Summit Avenue.

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