Monday, July 14, 2014

Off for a day of fun

On Tuesday of the second week of language camp in Zakopane, we left bright and early for day of fun. Our first stop was the castle at Niedzica. I have been here now 4 times, but thought on this day the view across the river to the Czorsztyn castle ruins was the best I had ever seen.

After hearing the story of Niedzica we walked across the top of the Czorszyn dam.

I saw this and was convinced it wasn't there last year.

When I saw the camp director come to a sudden stop when he saw this, I knew I was right! This is a new feature this year.

The dam area is the best place to take a photo of Niedzica.

Next we went to the place to begin the raft ride down the Dunajec river gorge. Those of us who had been here before could quickly see that all the rain from last week had caused the river to rise and the current was quite swift. We had a very pleasant ride through the gorge, arriving at the end of the ride almost 30 minutes early due to the swift current.

Dorota, our team leader had taken to the bus to the final destination so she could do some work on her computer while we were on the raft. When I heard that we were one kilometer away from the end, I pulled out my phone and send her a text that were almost at koniec. It is rather amazing actually to be out in the middle of a river and sending texts. I have T-Mobile service and now in U.S. plans international coverage is included. Formerly I have carried two phones -- one U.S. and one European. It is wonderful to have only one and also to be able to send texts back to the state anywhere I get service, not limited only to the places where I can find Wi-Fi.

Next we were taking the students to the start of a hike. But on our way lightening and light rain began and so the guide said, "No hike." The students applauded this decision!

We instead went to the village of Kroscienko. I was certain I had been here before. I could remember sitting on church steps in the shade on a very hot day, and Dorota confirmed that yes, we had stopped here last year. This time we walked to see a 14th century church

    Then we had free time. (sorry readers, as I write, blogger is having fits over what font to use.) One of the volunteers wanted to get to her e-mail so we searched for a place with Wi-Fi. We were directed to a certain restaurant. We all ordered something ranging from bigos to surowki. I had a nalesniki. 

     Yum, good. 

    We started to make our way back to Zakopane, but took a stop to see the Czorszyyn Castle ruins. I was really tired when we got here and asked how long the walk was. I was told10 minuted and elected to say on the bus. 40 minutes later when the rest returned I was glad I had stayed on the bus for a nap! 

    We returned to hotel around 6:00 PM, tired but pleased with an interesting day. 

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