Thursday, July 17, 2014

Walking around Wrocław

This posting is about some random things I saw while walking around the city.

I started out to see the Animals, better than I did from the city tour.

Here's the rooster:

and his friends:

Notice the goose has a golden egg, I think made even more golden by being rubbed by many hands.

I found these animals introduced a visitor to a lane of artists' shops. I live now with my granddaughter in a quite small two-bedroom apartment and really can't have more "things." But oh yes! this will fit:

I got a pair of blue glass ear rings and have already worn them twice. I really like them. Pani Czak is a wonderful artist. When I started to set my purse down on a chair by the register in order to get my wallet out to pay I found the chair was made of glass!

Walking out of the lane, I turned towards the rynek and went by a bookstore that had this in the window.

English for Seniors. On another day I went by a poster on a street advertising computer courses for Seniorow. A new market seems be emerging in Poland.

This guy amused me. A bit of cultural fusion. In Minnesota if the colors were purple and gold we would call it a Viking.

I  walked by a building with eagles displayed in its facade.

My city tour guide had explained that they are facing both directions because one is saying welcome and the other is saying farewell.

This piece of graffiti is easy to understand. And over and over again I've been told that in Central Europe graffiti is considered part of personal expression.  These peoples had to work hard to attain the right of personal expression, so I can understand why they value it even in graffiti.

I managed to find a black current ice cream cone during my travels, but still haven't found caramel ice cream that my Zakopane students recommended to me.

Came upon this lovely summer scene.

And then found an interesting street display. One of my overwhelming impressions of Wrocław starting with my taxi ride in from the airport is that this city is green. 
This poster explains a public policy effort to change school grounds from gray to green. 

This one presents information about magnolias that bloom here is the spring -- I thought it was warm here. 
This one shows that neighbors went to together to establish a dahlia garden to soften the effect of the gray buildings in their neighborhood. 

Supper on this evening produced another new view. I ate at a Georgian restaurant. 

 Above is the bread. It tasted a bit different than any I've ever had but I can't figure out why. 

And here's my supper:

I like grilled pork shoulder very much, but who knew that dipping it into pomegranate sauce would make it even better!?!

And here's a lovely sunset view of buildings I see as I make my way back from the rynek to my hotel. 

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