Monday, July 14, 2014

Polish Night at Language Camp

We returned from our weekend adventures all a bit tired. I reviewed with my students what they wanted to do for the second week -- what should we do more and what should we not do. They wanted to do activities with other groups, so I worked on that during the week. This first evening of the 2nd week was also Polish Night, one of my favorite activities.

We had pirogi for the evening meal, both savory and sweet.

The sweet was strawberry and for me a bit of a nostalgic taste. My mother started cooking before the time of freezers and enjoyed canned strawberries. Even when we had a freezer, she still wanted to can some strawberries because she liked the flavor. I thought the cooked strawberries in the pirogi had the same flavor.

We all met in the activity room in the hotel for the program. The students had found some good You-Tube videos to display Polish history. Another group spoke about special Polish foods. And they finished the program singing Kocham Cię Polksa. Since I have been to Poland many times "I get" the references and images within the song and enjoy it very much. 

This was followed by some of the Polish staff giving us a lesson is how to remove just one Polish napkin from the holder. 


Then we moved outdoors. Much to my surprise they decided to dance the Polannaise. 

And after this they invited all of us to join in for a second dance. 

Then everyone enjoyed roasting kielbasa over the bonfire.

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