Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Walking in Quamba

Those of you who follow my blog may know that my summer was different this year due to arthritis in my right leg. For awhile walking from the bedroom to the kitchen was a big trip, never mind the long walk from my apartment to the place where we put trash and recycling items. -- which is about a two block round trip. With treatment and then exercise at the Eastside YMCA things are gradually getting better. I really wanted to do the Quamba walk to mark off Q from my Walking the USA from A-Z and Walking Minnesota Cities A-Z.

So I gathered up courage and tried the Quamba walk. Quamba is located in Kanabec County. According to my Minnesota Geographic Names book Kanabec is an Ojibway word for snake. The county is named after the Snake River that winds through Kanabec and Pine counties. Later in the day I drove across the Snake River and agreed with the name, for it really winds.

Quamba has only 123 people, so the walk box for this walk is located in nearby Mora. I enjoyed the drive to Mora through the rural country. The trees were beautiful and also saw waterfowl gathered in small lakes for their migration. From Mora it was about 6 mile drive to Quamba. Quamba was given its name by railroad officers. Wikipedia says it is a translation from the Ojibway word for mudhole! This town originated as a side track location for the Great Northern Railroad. That is all gone now.

Since I had picked up the route for the walk in Mora, when I got to Quamba I drove a bit of it, so I didn't make mistakes with my walking with my somewhat sore leg. I had checked with American Volksmarch and learned I didn't have to walk the entire 5K or 10K route to count this walk for event books, but of course I had to honest about the distance I walked.

I parked my card at the south end of the mostly vacant business area.

The town has a church and a city hall.

 Here is a view of one of three streets in the town.

I found the "post office."

 One of the best things of this walk was Mother Nature.

 And here is the final part of my walk. It was interesting because the stones on this trail were quite varied and beautiful.

My pink cane and I were glad to see my car which is parked at the end of this road. I did a whole 2 K for this walk, Now only X to do for the USA book.

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