Sunday, October 25, 2015

Everything Pumpkin

This is a blog posting primarily for those of you that live in other countries. First, let me say I'm grateful that you all find time and interest in reading what is put here.

At this time of the year things go crazy for pumpkin -- at least in the Midwest United States. Yesterday I went to a grocery store with a friend while I'm visiting in Lincoln, NE. Here are some of the pumpkin things available.

Above is pumpkin spice coffee. Popular coffee shops also sell pumpkin and spice coffee lattes this time of year.

Above is a cereal now flavored with pumpkin for the season.

More cereal above. In this case instant oatmeal. This is actually something I purchases to take home with me to home for some upcoming winter mornings.

Now if I find pumpkin bagels in my grocery store at home, I'll probably purchase them and put most in the freezer to enjoy on other upcoming winter mornings.

Now I must confess at home I already have pumpkin muffins in the freezer. But mine do not have cream cheese frosting.

I will close this out with a photo of pumpkin pie spice.

Hope you enjoy this little tour of pumpkin-flavored items.

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