Thursday, February 11, 2016

A cell phone adventure

Well, yesterday I sure did a silly thing. I grabbed my phone early in the morning to take a photo of the beautiful colors of the sunrise. After I looked at the pictures, I decided I didn't like them and so tried to delete them. At that point my phone just froze. I thought what would fix it was to take the battery out and then restart the phone. Well, I couldn't figure out how to get back off the phone -- a phone I've had only about 4 months or so.

So I went to T-Mobile. The technician showed the spot on the phone frame to use to take the back off the phone. He took the battery out and then replaced it and couldn't get the phone to start either. He walked over a counter and flipped up the top and inside was a computer as well as many USB cords. He ran my account and then ran diagnostics on the phone. What was wrong -- the battery was at 0%. Boy did I feel stupid.

So I went back to the car and plugged into the car charger I have for my phone. In just a four block drive it went from 0-1% so I knew the only thing wrong was the need to charge the phone.

My short drive was to a favorite restaurant. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and it seems traditional that many give up meat for Lent and so fish becomes a prominent feature on menus.

I had the fish sliders -- sliders being a word applied to small burger shaped sandwich.

This bun is about one-half the size of average burger buns. The sandwich was really good, and I'm of the opinion that eating this rather than a hamburger is not really much of a sacrifice!

Recently I read that Pope Francis said instead of giving up things such as chocolate or computer games, we should give up indifference to the needs of others. That indeed sounds much more difficult and probably much more useful than eating fish sliders instead of beef burger sliders!

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