Friday, February 12, 2016

A Sad Misadventure

No pictures to go with this post. Today I had a sad misadventure. I took myself out to lunch today. In the next booth I overhead a man proclaiming we must elect a President who understands that the whole world hates America. All I could think about is the fact I have done 32 Global Volunteer programs with the idea of making friends and developing long-term relationships with people in other countries. I also was privileged to be awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and spent 7 months in Hungary. Senator Fulbright pioneered what became the Fulbright Program after World War II because he thought there would be less war if people in different countries knew each other. It is not been my experience that people in other countries hate Americans, but at times they are mystified or disturbed by American policies.

This "hate" rhetoric associated with the political season in the U.S. makes me very sad.

And my blog is being read by people in more than 100 countries. I trust that means there is something here at least interesting and I have never received any comments that indicate a hate for America.

Thanks you all for listening.

And comments would be most welcome. Please let me know your thoughts. 


Shaz said...

Keep making those friends here and abroad. After 19 trips to Australia and several more to Europe I got tired of 'explaining America.' We made many friends who really like AMERICANS, but some do not understand AMERICA. On my first trip to Australia in 1982 I had to prove that all Americans were not as portrayed in Dallas and Dynasty. I must have succeeded as that was the first of 18 more trips. Of course, there are also those "ugly Americans" who should never have left our shores. My mother always said "If you want it to be like home, don't leave home."

Lori said...

I did once yell back at Ugly Americans. i was returned from Amsterdam to MSP in late August 2014. This was on a Saturday and during peak vacation time for both the US and Europe. The passport line was moving a bit slow -- making us wait a whole 5 minutes for our turn. In the Amsterdam airport one lines up either under the EU line or under the line that says All Others. One American yelled loudly, "Where is the line for the USA?" I yelled back, "We are other."

Shaz said...

Good for you.
We were there in Amsterdam another time, waiting in a crushing line to get thru, when another Ugly American wanted to know why he couldn't get priority treatment since he had very close connection on an nonrefundable ticket. Obviously he didn't know how to make arrangements without close connections. At the time I was more worried that someone would yell FIRE. There was no where to go if that happened.