Saturday, February 27, 2016

Watching things in the Sky

When I sit in my favorite chair I see out a window toward the northeast. Mostly I see the sky with a large freeway interchange taking up the bottom 25% of the view.

One thing I see quite frequently are helicopters heading to nearby Regions Hospital. Regions is a high level trauma hospital and it is also a burn center for the upper Midwest. It is contiguous with Gillette Children's Hospital, so also it could be children who are air-lifted for care.

 Today I was able to grab my camera quickly enough to get a couple of pictures.

And below is a picture of staff beginning to move a patient from the helicopter.

Often when the helicopters leave they fly a semi-circle towards the building in which I live and it gets a bit noisy for about 30 seconds. One night there were 3 helicopters about 1 AM in the morning and it was indeed noisy. I still wonder what might have happened that three people had to be air-lifted.

Then  I looked up and saw this wonderful set of jet trails.

Other things that happened today was enjoying a bit of brunch with others in the building.

Amazing how much good food got put together. Most were headed for a Block Party at the nearby CHS Stadium and then leaving at 5 PM for a walk up the hill to the Crashed Ice event. Too much walking yet for me.

I came back upstairs and had a nap since I had woke up at 4 AM and by 11 AM I was ready to catch up on sleep a bit.

Then I headed off for some errands. I went to a store to exchange a swim suit for a different size. Then I stopped by the library and picked out some new books. When I was checking them out I found my account shows no record of a library book I still have at home. Well, that will be interesting when I take the book back.

Waiting for the time change next Sunday so the late afternoon will have more daylight. Spring is coming!

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