Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving Adventures

My daughter moved in a huge heavy computer desk. Then she left me with it. Now this wasn't a very good desk in the first place, one she found along the street for free. How do I get it out? This evening I decided to celebrate nearly the end of school by doing something other than reading student papers. (I'm going into my first summer in three years without having to teach -- it seems so strange to use the computer for something other than online classes.)

I grabbed the top half of the desk, already on the floor -- I gotten far enough with it to separate it into two parts. I started up the stairs with it, and it started falling apart. Oh good! So I took it out for disposal part by part, and that's one more large task done toward moving.

I have three more big things to get moved out of the basement and then the worst of this job is done. One step at a time

And this week, I also took my cat to the Humane Society. Anticipating spending seven of the next thirteen months in Europe means I'm no longer a good candidate to have a pet. With my daughter expecting a baby next month, she is not a good candidate to be running over to my house even this summer to care for the cat. My cat was at least 17 years old, not a kitten when I ironically took her from someone moving to Europe. My cat's old cat behavior did not make her attractive to any one else in my life, so on Tuesday we parted.

On Wednesday I signed the papers to get an easement for the driveway on my developed lot. Hopefully in a couple weeks all details will be finished and I get on with trying to sell the property.

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