Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Adventures

My idea of a 3 day weekend hit a speed bump. I had to help my doctoral student advisee greatly improve her paper outlining her major project. That took most of Saturday morning into the afternoon. A beautiful afternoon.

I didn't want to work anymore, so decided it was the perfect time to go to the Mall of America and get a gift card for my granddaughter's birthday. I walked over to the corner and took the bus to the light rail station and then took the train to the Mall of America. I quickly got the gift card, but anything else on my mind didn't work out. All in all, I think I walked about 3 kilometers inside the mall. I know that 2 times around levels 1-3 with one time around level 4 is 10K. I did one time around level 2 plus some back tracking as well as the walk into the Mall from the train station. It seemed so freeing not to have to drive!

I stopped at the Highland Cafe and had a sandwich before coming home. All in all it was a lovely afternoon.

Today I picked up my granddaughter and she helped me load some things out of the garage and the basement into the Dumpster in a Bag. It will be picked up on Tuesday. Then I need to get one more to take care of the rest that I'll be disposing this way. I have to get the 1-800 Junk guys here one more time, too.

Tuesday back to designing a course and doing other work related activities. I'm getting down to less than 30 days before leaving -- and in the midst of all this, expecting a new granddaughter every day, too.

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