Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nebraska Adventures

Last Tuesday afternoon, May 12 I flew to Lincoln, NE. I had intended to drive due to the high cost of air fares lately, but then suddenly the air fares came down, thank heavens! I know why. Neither the plane to or the plane from was full. The airlines need passengers, and couldn't get them with a price of $800 for a one hour flight!

This was my first trip through MSP with the signs being all Delta. It seems very strange.

I took my computer along and managed to get two modules completed for a new course that I'm designing for fall semester. Many think teaching online is easy and a lazy thing for a faculty member to do. They don't see the hours that went into creating all the modules, writing quizzes months in advance, constructing discussion questions, setting up a gradebook, all this work!

My friend and I did a visit to the International Quilt Study Center on the UNL campus. This is always a treat. The work now being saved is beyond belief. I saw one quilt that was constructed form 87,000 pieces, none being larger than a postage stamp.

We also went to a play based on Mary Pipher's book, Reviving Ophelia. This was commissioned in Cincinnatti, and Lincoln is the second place in the country that it is being presented. I also got to Mary Pipher at a bookstore signing to tell her how we are using her books in our courses at Metropolitan State University.

Most of the days in Lincoln featured very cool weather -- it was nearly uncomfortably cold to go the Farmers' Market on Saturday morning. Yesterday in Lincoln the temperature rose to the high 80s. Today in Saint Paul we are up to the 90s, so summer is off to a start.

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