Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adventures Along the River

Today is one of the days when the garage gets cleaned in the building in which I live. We must have our cars out of the garage between 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM for this. I decided this was a perfect day to take myself out for breakfast. I went to Panera and cashed in one of the "surprises" on MyPanera account. It was great fun to sit there, drinking coffee and reading.

Took myself home and packed a bag. Carried it all to where I had parked my car on the street. Up the hill I went to a parking ramp. Then I walked to the Traveler's Insurance building to attend a scholarship luncheon for my university. Traveler's is a great partner for our university.

This was my first time on the plaza outside the building.

Standing there I got a new view of the cathedral.

There is a lovely monument on the plaza, but I don't know why it is a Braille Monument. There is no sign on the plaza that tells one about the monument, nor the does an Internet search reveal anything about the monument.

Standing on the plaza I also got a view of window in the Roy Wilkins Auditorium that I've never before noticed.

I jumped in the car and in a bit more than 2 hours found myself in LaCrosse, WI.

Staying right along the Mississippi River.

I have come here to do the volksmarch.

Walked down to the start point to pick up the maps of the routes so I can decide about whether to do a 5 K or 11K walk.

Found two very interesting buildings on my way.

The first is the Mons Anderson House.

This house was built by a Norwegian immigrant in the mid 1860s. It has had many different uses including being a YWCA and now appears to be a restaurant. It is now on the National Historic Register.

Then I found this building.

The medallion on the top of the building says USWB. USWB? What's that? I walked up on the porch and discovered this was a Weather Bureau building when it was built in 1907.

And look at this great mail box.

Now to see what tomorrow brings on a walk about!

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