Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Learning Polish -- Now That's An Adventure

I have picked up a bit of Polish from my stay in Poland, but really don't know much. I've tried some self -study, but with only a bit of success -- well, probably not the fault of the programs I tried, but because I didn't really study when I was working more than full time and going 110 mph.

Now that I'm semi-retired, there is a bit of time to do some "Fun" things. Thus I was glad when I saw the announcement of Polish classes sponsored by the Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota (PACIM).

Last evening we found our textbooks had arrived from Poland. I saw them and said, "Super." Then I explained to the woman next to me that Super is a good Polish word, and I use it when a student has done well with an assignment or exercise. The woman next to her pulled out her Langenscheidt dictionary and couldn't find super in the Polish part of the dictionary. They tried super on the English side and it went to a word that began with wy--- and I can't remember what else. They asked me why I didn't use that word, and I explained I had learned Super in Poland and it's used there. They really thought I was wrong. Thus I was silently amused when later the professor for the class told a fellow student her response was "Super."

It must be the other woman has a very old and out of date from current Polish dictionary. In mine Super is Super in both Polish and English!

And last evening while driving to class the engine malfunction light came on. I was early enough that after parking I could call my auto repair shop and get an appointment for this morning.

I took along my Polish books to study while waiting.

We have two workbooks and a green grammar book. The workbooks come with CDs and lots and lots of instruction, with all the directions being given in Polish.

The green book explains Polish grammar and thankfully is written all in English, and even goes in separate ways sometimes for British English and American English speakers. It is terrific. Once I master some of the green book, I'm going to be a lot smarter!

And in our class we are just moving into verbs, which is why I wanted the classes. But I'm learning lots of other answers to questions I have about why things are pronounced or sometimes pronounced as I think they should be.

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Oh, and the car problem -- a brake light switch that was malfunctioning. I wish the auto makers could figure out how to do a little uwaga! Engine malfunction warning makes one think something is very wrong.

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