Monday, October 15, 2012

Walking Along the River on an October Day

I have two lectures unexpectedly to prepare for Wednesday, and got delayed on doing this because I had my older granddaughter with me for the weekend. I had to take her back and forth to work and also drove her to a friend's home for a time on Saturday night and then had to go pick her up, too.

I had one almost done and decided to walk down to Caribou and get some coffee -- that is coffee beans to make coffee. This is the month when Amy's blend is the special. Amy was the first roast master for Caribou and died tragically of breast cancer when she was in her early 30's. Every year there is a time to remember her and provide funds for cancer research and care. This year the benefit is Cancer Care and I have a friend who has been dealing with malignant melanoma who has benefited greatly from the Cancer Care organization. If you live too far from a Caribou to buy coffee and have these proceeds become a benefit, you can help fund Cancer Care by going to Caribou's Facebook page and choosing Like!

So out along the river and oh my! was it beautiful today. The light is back for wonderful reflection pictures along the river.

I also like the red trees that line the side streets in this area.

I also found a couple of surprises today.

There were jet trails being reflected into the river. They looked like immense water snakes skimming along the bottom.

Here's the sky view.

Here's how it looked in the river.

The other surprise is just how low the river is becoming due to the drought in Minnesota. In places where the river is usually  6-8 feet deep I can now see the bottom.

The line of buoys shown above usually float parallel to where they are hooked in to the pier. Notice how low the buoys are floating today. No rain in sight. The wish is for some late fall rain plus at least a normal snow fall.

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