Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Morning Walk

I got up early to do the finishing touches on two Power Point presentations for lectures this afternoon. Got them done and made my breakfast. Then I took off for a bit of a morning walk. My goal actually was to take a photo of the electrical power plant up the path a bit. This photo will go into a Power Point presentation to introduce the game, Community Jingo, that I'll use to teach English in Romania and Poland.

The morning weather look cloudy out the window and I was very glad I had grabbed a jacket for the temperature was just on the edge of cool. Just after I turned to walk back home the rain drops started, but that didn't last long.

I was surprised to see  how the railings on a building associated with the power plant showed up this morning against the cloudy sky.

I truly had never noticed the yellow railings before.

In  a few steps the sun was almost peaking through the clouds. I liked how the river sparkled this morning.

Hope you enjoyed a quick walk with me!

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