Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Red Box Adventure

I love to read mystery books, so when I saw that the Park Square Theater, near my apartment in Saint Paul, was going to present a world premier of the first-ever stage adaptation of Nero Wolfe's book, Red Box, I knew I had to get a ticket. This production is the result of the work of the Mystery Writers Producers' Club that provides financial support to the theater.

This play was written by Joseph Goodrich. In order to do this, Goodrich read all 33 books written by Rex Stout as well as the short stories he wrote, seeking to determine which one would lend itself to a stage adaptation the very best. This production is the very first time that the Stout estate has given permission for a stage adaptation of one of Stout's books

The entire production took place in a representation of Wolfe's office, shown in the photo above. It began with a prologue by the Archie Goodwin, who is the associate of Wolfe. The prologue provided a setting for the story and the characters for any audience member unfamiliar with Nero Wolfe.

I really enjoyed this production and was so glad I went. It won't be the last time I go to productions at this theater. - And what a treat to just be able to walk there and not have to pay parking fees for a car.

Earlier in the day I took a very bad fall when I became unbalanced unlocking my door while carrying two bags of groceries. I was really hurting, but still walked over to the theater. I gritted my teeth any time I had to stand up for other audience members to pass down the aisle. Still glad that I went.

Don't know if this production will be go to other theaters, but if it does, go! 


Joseph Goodrich said...


I'm so glad you went to the show, and that you had a good time! My thanks for your kind words. I had a great time working on the show, as did the director and cast. All best!

Joseph Goodrich said...


So glad you enjoyed the show! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the play. All best, and many thanks!