Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Adventure

My older granddaughter has been living with me since early April and plans to stay with me for at least two years while she starts college here in the Twin Cities. So it was time to move to a 2 bedroom apartment and get her off the sofa bed!

We started moving some things on Friday and since it was down the hall and around the corner, I moved primarily by putting things on a cart and just doing it myself and without a lot of packing -- trying to put things back in almost the same place they had left.

On Saturday afternoon I had professional movers come to move the large furniture pieces -- because they are heavy and because most of them have to be taken apart and put back together.  Also on Saturday a bed was delivered for my granddaughter. By Sunday afternoon I had everything moved except for the TV monitor mounted on the wall.

So I took off for a ride on the new light rail practicing for my trip to the airport in the coming week. When someone asked me where I was going and I said the airport, the reply was: "My, you are brave."Well I think I'm braver when I travel in other countries where I can't speak the language at all fluently and don't exactly know the procedures for how one buys tickets and what happens after that!

Today we most everything put away. Geek Squad was to come between 8:00 - 12:00 to take care of the TV monitor moving. Then I got a call it would be between 9:00 - 11:00. Finally a bit after 11:00 someone called explaining she was lost. I met her in the lobby and that's when I found she thought she was coming to repair a computer! We did get the TV off the wall safely and moved all the cables, etc, to my apartment, but couldn't get the mount off the wall. She did call for some more help for me. About an hour later someone called and said asked what was the problem and they would check my account. I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen today -- and today I had to turn in the keys to the old apartment. Then the best thing happened -- suddenly a call from someone saying he was standing in front of my old apartment. I told him I'd be right down. I could see why we couldn't bet the bolts out. -- He had to use an electric drill to do it.

He did get my TV monitor mounted in my new apartment in about 20 minutes and I turned in the keys and made a 3:00 appointment elsewhere in town.

Tomorrow Comcast is supposed to show up and then things should start to get more normal. And while writing this I received a confirmation call about this. Right now I'm writing from the Lund's store on the ground floor  of the building near the Caribou stand. So all this has kept out of mischief for the past few days, that's for sure.

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