Monday, June 9, 2014

Walking about Schiphol Plaza

After leaving Warsaw I flew up to Amsterdam and went to my favorite hotel, Citizen M. I was astonished to find my computer wouldn't go to wireless. It has worked very well at this hotel, and my phone found Wi-Fi so it was definitely a computer problem. I tried to find help by using the internet through the phone and kept getting advice to "Push the button." I looked all over my computer and couldn't find any button to push.

So instead of finishing up the work I planned to do while there, I went for a walk in Schiphol Plaza, somewhat in areas I've not been before. I went looking for some interesting images.

I thought the entrance to the trains presents an interesting image.

And I liked how the control tower looked through a window.

I found an interesting light at an entrance I've not used before, since it's on the opposite side of the airport from where I usually exit.

I was delighted to find a branch of a restaurant that I like. Didn't know it was in Schiphol Plaza. Looking forward to going there during my next trip through Amsterdam -- which is only two weeks from now.

What is interesting is that this restaurant has a small garden area for the herbs it uses.

And to keep myself busy on the 9 hour flight I searched out a bookstore. I found one that interested me.

This definitely is not Clark Gable!

And after getting home I went to see the Geek Squad and a technician there graciously showed me the button to push. And didn't charge me either!

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