Monday, June 9, 2014

Grad Night

My eldest grandchild graduated from high school on June 2.

Here she is on the balcony of our building trying to keep things together in a rather wild wind.

At the graduation ceremony we learned this particular class has a 100% graduation rate. Those of you in other countries might wonder why this is important. Well, the U.S. average, published just today, is 80%. She graduated from a school that is about 95% minority -- the way we classify data in the U.S. these days, and definitely has middle class and kids who live in poverty, again the way we manage data in the U.S. these days. These definitely are not "privileged" students economically, but were privileged to have teachers who went the extra mile with students always. And all the students are going on to higher education or entering the military, the latter including one graduate who got an appointment to the Air Force Academy.

Here she is getting the diploma -- or rather getting the diploma cover -- they got the real thing from their adviser after the ceremony.

And the two of us are below.

And she of course is a 21st century kid!

 Flowers, diploma, and phone!

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