Monday, October 20, 2014

An Autumn Afternoon

This has been a colorful and somewhat warm autumn season. On Sunday I thought to take my older daughter with me for a walk at Lake Nokomis. However, when I checked the Volksmarch web site I found that walk has been shut down for 2014. Plan 2 -- just do a walk in the neighborhood.

So we set out from the 11th Street door and walked to Cedar Avenue. Here we got a nice view of the Capitol Building through the arch of the bridge walk.

We headed towards the Capitol boulevard. There we found the Peace Officers Monument. I have driven by this many times, but never before walked to get a good look at it.

Reading a sign by the monument I learned the first officer died in the line of duty in 1882. Signage also explained that the bricks in the plaza stand for the urban areas of Minnesota and the natural areas stand for the rural and nature areas protected by peace officers.

Looking in the opposite direction I spied the double spires of a church.

And all around us are the beautiful trees.

From here we walked to Black Sheep Pizza and enjoyed one of the wonderful creations from this place. Then I buzzed my daughter back to her group home.

A lovely autumn afternoon!

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