Monday, October 13, 2014

New Things on the Street

Perhaps this posting will fit the definition of mundane as promised once in awhile on the heading of this blog. However, I'm anxious to share the new things on the street.

The door of the new building where I live finally has its sign!

And for a long time I had been wondering what was to appear on the corner of 10th and Minnesota Streets. There was a concrete pedestal there that looked like something electrical was to be attached. Then in the past couple of weeks the mystery has been solved with the Spirit of Mississippi.

In the daytime it looks great, but in the evening it is lighted from within and changes from red to blue at intervals.

Here is a close up of one of the panels.

The City of St. Paul built this building, much to criticism. The property was originally to be a high rise condo building, but that idea tanked when the housing recession hit around 2008. The city finally decided to build a market rate apartment building. Then everyone said no one would live here. Well, now the building is 85% occupied within 8 months of its opening.

One part of the ground level is a grocery store. It is very nice to live "over the shop." And we are one block from Light Rail station and one block from a bus stop for numerous bus lines. What's not to like? And I've never posted pictures of the swimming pool and hot tub on the blog, either. That's a great feature, too!

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