Sunday, October 12, 2014

Motion Poems Adventure

This weekend was a St. Paul Art Crawl weekend, evenings when it is possible to go to many artists' lofts and galleries. One unique feature of the weekend was Motion Poems displayed at Union Depot.

I walked the one block to the 10th Street Light Rail station, saying Hi on the way to the firefighters who were sitting on lawn chairs in the fire house door on this warm autumn evening -- there is a fire station between my building and the Light Rail station, if I haven't written this whole idea clearly.

I rode two stops to the Union Depot station. The idea of Motion Poems is that a short film illustrates the poem. There were five or six poems with the show repeated then about every 30 minutes if one watched all the motion poems. Below is an illustration for a poem about the time the hobos rode the trains. They created signs to mark towns and households, communicating to fellow hobos for example if the household was a good place to ask for food.

When I had enjoyed all the Motion Poems I hopped back on the Light Rail, rode the two stops to 10th Street and quickly walked the one block home. Love the train!!!

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