Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fixing the Street -- at last!

It all started when I heard the continuous beep=beep signal of a vehicle backing up. I looked out the patio window and found at last that 11th Street is being repaired. The previous winter was so hard on streets. It was bump, bump, bump on many of them, and often the way the car handled would make my electronic stabilizer come on.

Above is a video of how this is being done. And it goes quickly.

In less than a minute the equipment had moved forward the width of the gas station. (Note: the large building pictured just a bit in the left of the picture is the Minnesota Revenue Building -- a place all my state taxes end up, and the buildings that occupy most of the background in this picture are those of Region Hospital.)

After the asphalt is laid, a roller comes behind to smooth it down.

This street leads to the entrance ramps for Highway 94 East and Highway 35E North so there is always a lot of traffic about. The process was blocking the cross traffic from Robert Street just below my window. I thought one vehicle had rather an interesting load.

Lately when I drive some of the streets that have already been repaired I feel like I've gotten myself lost. That's how different it seems from the bumpy streets.

Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of life in Saint Paul, Minnesota

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